A friend of mine sent this link to me on facebook and I thought I should share with some of my uni friends.

Although this link is not entirely ICT related I found it extremely interesting (and a tad obvious)!

While on prac I carry around little cards like this one:


I keep a huge range of them on my key ring for inspiration any time during a lesson. I particularly find that I use these more in English than in mathematics or science as English does not provide many opportunities for students to get up and move. Brain breaks are not something I plan when I will use them but rather a tool that I will use when I identify that the students have had enough for the moment and need 5minutes to have a ‘brain break’! I was only in a year two class and I found that my students really responded to this and reengaged with the material once we had completed our little break!

There are heaps of free downloads of pre-made brain breaks cards on online if anyone is looking for some! I would recommend ‘teacherspayteachers’ for these as I found some of my favourites on this site and they have a huge range for free.


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